Dharma Yoga Therapy integrates dialogue, restorative yoga, assisted stretches, and guided meditation to help you look deep, explore and transform feelings that might be causing your physical and emotional limitations, habits and pains.   
Dharma Yoga Therapy sessions take place at a tranquil healing casita located in Hyde Park in Central Austin. This one-on-one therapy includes work on a large Thai-Yoga massage mat. Sessions are typically held at monthly intervals between 10 AM and 4 PM Monday through Friday. 
2-hour initial session: $200
1.5 hour follow-up sessions: $150
Payments in cash or check made out to Dharma Yoga Therapy, LLC.


Camilla Figueroa is Dharma Yoga’s co-director and the founder of Dharma Yoga Therapy.  Earning a Master’s Degree in Clinical Social Work in 1999, she began integrating the somatic aspects of yoga and meditation as a therapist with survivors of sexual abuse and trauma at Austin’s Safe Place.  
Camilla’s experiences as a first-generation American, mother, Peace Corps volunteer, and trauma therapist deeply infuse Dharma Yoga Therapy with the empowering and healing aspects of Buddhist meditation, neuroscience, and yoga asana. She has been practicing yoga for twenty years, teaching yoga for a decade, and holds over a thousand hours of certification in Dharma Yoga, Thai Massage, and Yoga Therapy.